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8 Rules and 5 Goals to Live By

I had a coffee with an old friend today and was incredibly inspired by this humble and gifted man. He has 8 rules he lives by and reads them every day. He also ensures he always has 5 written goals at all times. I didn't ask him to share all his rules with me and the ones I did hear were deeply rooted in honouring his personal values.

Here are the 5 rules I live by:

  • Build good karma, give to others.
  • Actively inspire others and myself.
  • Create collective wisdom.
  • Develop, invest and participate in community.
  • Be playful in all aspects of life, schnoodle a little.

Now I have to admit that even I need to be clearer on writing down my goals so that they happen. I've started holding them in my head and talking about them. I'm going to think them through today and write them down!

What are your rules and goals?