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Cultivating Intuition and Creativity Through The Holidays


There’s not a lot of structure over the holidays in our family. We’ve made very few plans other than Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so going with the flow has been essential to really enjoying this winter break. What we have done is really let go of the need for certainly by keeping our planning to a minimum since we’re largely scheduled throughout the year in our busy house. Its not been easy to do and at times we’ve had conversations like, what are we up to today? Or what are we making for dinner? We’ve not been bored and no one has starved - we have easily figured it out without pre-planning albeit at times less than ideal but so enjoyable in so many other ways. Instead, we’ve enjoyed relaxed visiting with friends and family and made stuff. Boy have we made stuff. Remember Spirograph? We’ve spent hours tinkering and making various spirograph shapes that have become all kinds of things including flowers and bird nests complete with eggs and a blue baby bird. We’ve coloured, made a kaleidoscope, created a dunk tank, turned a closet into a make believe pet shop, and even dug for a sphinx in a plaster pyramid - really. Who knows what’s next?

What’s been helpful about going with the flow and creating over the holidays? It creates mental space and gives me the ability to look at everything from a slightly different perspective. It creates freedom to tinker and experiment not just with my daughter but also in the work that I do. Creativity is like a muscle and unless I use it, I forget the joy it brings and start to hold back by comparing my creating with others losing the best ideas and creations in that mental editing process. The lessons I’m learning by trusting intuition and creativity over the holidays are:

Spending time creating with others creates a magical connection like no other. Making space for unstructured thinking, connecting and creativity gives me energy, ideas and joy. Tinker and create both in work and away from work and embrace the results without comparison whether or not they lead to something next. Just the documented ideas are worth every second. The results? Feeling more rested and having more fun leaving me ready for a year full of twists and turns ahead.

To learn more about trusting intuition and cultivating creativity, read Brené Brown’s book: The Gifts of Imperfection or come experience them through the lens of leadership in my January leadership retreat in partnership with Jamie Davidoff, to find out more visit The Daring Way™ For Leaders.

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