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Cultivating Resilience, Gratitude and Joy Through the Holidays


I'm an optimist, its a choice I make every day about the lens I want to look at the world through.  I love Christmas and all the joy that it brings and I'm also reminded that this time of year can be so difficult for so many.  Having spoken to a number of professionals and leaders in the past few weeks who have lost their jobs just before the holidays, I know there will be more downsizing just before and just after the holidays too.  Then there are those of us who are struggling with all that life throws our way: financial challenges, loneliness, relationship challenges, and so much more.  I have a close friend who's losing her father to aggressive cancer this Christmas. So with all these hard things that happen in life, including my own life at times how can I be an optimist? I choose my perspective. I choose hope and to take a hopeful view of my life and the world as a whole. Resilience is the ability to overcome adversity.  Its having the emotional and physical strength to bounce back.  You can't overcome adversity, the tough stuff life throws you, unless you choose to overcome it.  I know it first hand having worked through some pretty tough stuff in my own life.

Over the holidays, challenges are going to come up for me and for you too.  How I stay connected to hope is by focusing on what inspires me  and cultivating gratitude and joy. This holiday I'm going to do a few things to build my resilience:

  1. Make time to play and connect with others including heading out skiing with some girl friends and spending quality time with my husband and daughter doing things we enjoy together.
  2. Connect with the life experiences I'm grateful for from this past year and the joy those experiences brought me by printing out a few photos from the 1000's we snapped.
  3. Read a book that inspires me.  I'm going to read Chris Hadfield's book "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth" that he signed for me at The Art of Leadership conference in September this year.
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