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Cultivating Resilience Through Play and Rest


Do you ever get that feeling when you start out on holidays that you're missing something? Feel a little uneasy and like you should be doing something that you might be forgetting? That's exactly how I was feeling at the beginning of the holiday break after a hectic year last year. Last year was an exciting and exhilarating year for so many reasons and also a year with times of exhaustion. So, I started the holidays feeling like I was supposed to be doing something and instead reminded myself that this was a family break. No emails to check, no calls to make, no where to be except exactly where I was at any given time. Novel given the busy-ness of the year gone by.

In place of being busy, I had the opportunity to really play and rest. Play for me includes laughter, song and dance and the opportunity to have some silliness come out. Play included going skiing with my family, doing goofy things with my daughter, playing outrageous games with extended family. It means laughing out loud and letting go. It required me to let go of being cool, in control and being organized and on task. Rest looked like sleeping in and lounging about with no plans at all. There were days were we didn't leave the house. This required me again to let go of the importance of being busy and just relax during a well deserved break.

Taking the time to really have a time-out break away from work and rest, really rest, has left me without the anxiety that I'm missing something or that I have to be busy to be doing the right things. It reminded me that the most important thing I can be doing in order to bring my best work forward is to do things that will give me energy - Play and Rest. Not just one, but both. That's what I was really missing!

While I actively take steps regularly to live the 10 Guideposts to Wholehearted Living by Brené Brown a busy year left me some challenges to fully rest and play. Giving myself permission to focus on rest and play will ensure I have the resilience to fully be present in whatever the year ahead brings forth and I'll experience more joy, courage and empathy along the way.

To learn more about cultivating Play, Rest, Laughter, Song and Dance, read Brené Brown's book: The Gifts of Imperfection or come experience them through the lens of leadership in my January leadership retreat in partnership with Jamie Davidoff, to find out more visit The Daring Way™ For Leaders .

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