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Success is seeing growth and transformation.

The real inspiration for Incito is seeing the growth and transformation of our clients. Below are a few of the leaders we’ve had the privilege to work with.

Client Testimonials

Jenn possesses a very rare gift; she is a fantastic listener and reflects what she hears into actionable plans for self improvement. She has helped make me a better leader, my organization is better because of her. I am very grateful to have her in my life. I would encourage any leader that requires help transferring vision into execution to engage Jenn for help. She is an authentic professional that is extremely competent with her craft.
— Darcy Hulston, President & CEO, Canoe Financial

In my work with Jenn and Incito, she helped me to navigate from chaos leadership during the Alberta floods of 2013 to visionary leadership. What I truly value about Jenn’s work is her innate understanding around how to build trust and depth into her coaching. She gave me the runway I needed for personal growth, which allowed me to become not only a skilled leader, but an authentic leader.
— Craig Snodgrass, Mayor, Town of High River

I’ve hired a number of coaches over the past decade - and what I really enjoyed about working with Jenn is her unique ability to combine a heart and human centered perspective with grounded business acumen and depth of experience. She’s shared brilliant insight into my blind spots and did it in a way that was both sensitive yet direct - helping me move progressively towards my goals.  Jenn is also creative - a quality I really appreciate and sometimes struggle with when I’m in my “business head” - she offered creative suggestions and solutions to challenges I encountered helping me be much more effective, efficient and productive. And she does it all with a great sense of humor!  If you’re considering hiring a coach, I’d recommend Jenn Lofgren without hesitation.  She’s brilliant, business-focused, kind, creative, resourceful and fun.  I can’t think of a better combination!
— Leslie Davies, Impact Image Essentials

I have been working with Jenn since 2012. Jenn’s leadership coaching over the past few years has provided valuable guidance in solving problems, creating vision, implementing vision, and growing as a leader. Her advice and guidance, along with her accountability, has been instrumental part of creating a healthy culture within our firm and improving the communication. Jenn has a gift for finding the values that are important to the firm, guiding the vision to support those values, and aligning the goals of the firm with the vision.
— Graham Thiessen, CPA, CA Partner, Stawowski McGill

When changing careers to that of business owner, it quickly became clear to me that I could use some support in this new role to succeed. Fortunately I was introduced to Jenn. Over the past two years, Jenn has been a source of encouragement, motivation, and support. Her knowledge, communication skills and positive energy have been a great resource for me, and I am grateful to have Jenn in my corner!
— Brenda Ball, President Amicus Reporting Group

Leadership today is much more than about doing your job well, it requires an empathic approach, rooted in a firm understanding of the world around us.  I’ve taken many leadership training courses, immersed myself in books and modules but Jenn’s insights and approach are unparalleled.  Excellence is not an end, but a human desire and co-requisite to success. Jenn’s ability to frame the objective, devise strategies and insert the right energy along the way make her stand out.  Highly recommended!
— Zeeshan Syed VP, Alberta Energy Regulator

Since working with Jenn, I have learned to help my staff develop their skills through effective management rather than doing their work for them. Our team has grown much better at bringing solutions to problems rather than just the problem. She has helped me work on various types of issues that have challenged me and my business, all with great success. I would recommend her to anyone looking to enhance themselves and the people around them!
— Rex Brigan, President, Global Energy Services

The coaching has expanded my thinking, listening and strategic development skills to a level that surpasses anything I thought I was capable of achieving. This awareness has flowed over into my personal friendships and family life where I also see a much bigger picture, I have transformed from being reactive and aggressive to progressive and strategic and I also realize I have more learning to do. In the past few months I have allowed myself to be vulnerable and honest without worrying about consequences or pride. This release has allowed me to be a stronger team partner, friend, father and husband.
— Robert Carroll, VP Business Development & Aboriginal Liaison, Scarlet Security Group Ltd.

Undertaking leadership coaching with Jenn was extremely beneficial for my development as an individual as well as an executive. She always conducted herself in an honest, respectful and professional manner. She is a highly skilled coach and was excellent at guiding me through my personal growth as a leader. I thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience and having her as my coach. I would unquestionably recommend Jenn to anyone considering leadership training.
— President & CEO, Calgary Oil and Gas Mid-Stream Company