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Where creativity inspires

Where Creativity Inspires

Leadership & Executing Coaching Services


Become the leader that others aspire to follow. People aren’t one size fits all, so your coaching shouldn’t be either. In our one-on-one sessions, we work together to set clear goals, discover your values, increase personal awareness, and promote a choice mindset to provide clarity around your intentions for leadership.

We’ll build your coaching sessions on a combination of learning and action strategies to achieve your goals. Specifically, we’ll focus on your needs while providing an objective perspective, a sounding board for your thoughts, hard feedback when needed, and acknowledgement and encouragement to support your existing strengths. We’ll work together to harness your strengths.

With Incito, you have more than a coach. You have a thought partner.



Building leadership through connection. Leadership is not a solo sport, but one that requires engagement from your team. Courageous leaders are those who are willing to be vulnerable with their team for the betterment of the overall organization and personal fulfillment. Depending on the current needs of your team and where you’re wanting to move towards, we’ll develop customized team sessions that may include support around:

  • Intentional vs accidental culture to support your company goals

  • Personal, team, and leadership effectiveness

  • Conflict management

  • Change management

  • Effective communication

At Incito, supporting the foundation for leaders to create not just highly effective teams, but satisfied teams, is the driver for your success.



Leadership & team development seminars. To develop magnetic leaders, one must be willing to be vulnerable and courageous in sharing their own insights, learnings, and development. Here, Incito’s leader, Jenn Lofgren, steps up and provides seminars on topics pertaining to leaders and team development. However, Jenn doesn’t simply present information. She encourages specific action items for audiences to walk away, inspiring forward action in leaders. Speaking topics include:

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Resilience & Stress Management

  • Leadership Effectiveness

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Time & Choice management

  • Coaching and Feedback Skills

Whether looking for personalized leadership or executive coaching, team workshop facilitation, or an expert speaker on leadership development, Incito is here to support your growth.


Leadership and executive coaching partnerships should be built on trust.

At Incito, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the work we’ll do together. This all starts in showing you how we support leaders in their success.

Building Trust

We will help you grow as you step into your own greatness.  But, before you even begin working with Incito, it’s important that you feel comfortable and trust in who we are. This is important to empower you and see the results that you want – both professionally and personally. The typical process of working together looks a little something like this:

  • Introductory Meeting to determine your needs and objectives

  • Pre-Coaching Questionnaire to begin building traction towards your goals

  • Discovery Session to set a solid foundation for coaching

  • Customized Coaching Sessions to unlock the leader inside of you

  • Completion Session to see what you’ve learned and achieved to keep developing

Each program is customized to you and your specific intentions for your leadership.