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The Natural Leader offers experiential leadership development for individuals and teams through hands-on horsemanship activities, creating awareness of self, connecting people to people and to the natural world around us.


Experiential Leadership Workshops

Leadership Through Horsemanship: The Reins of Responsibility

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We are delighted to partner with Nancy Lowery and the team at The Natural Leader to provide experiential leadership workshops unlike any other. These workshops focus on behaviours over theory and incorporate coaching in partnership with Incito Executive & Leadership Development coaches to ensure integration of learning into your leadership.

Imagine ….a Leadership Learning experience that leaves a lasting impression. Learning that is as unique and personal as each individual. Learning that inspires and supports core values that lead to a productive team.

Nancy Lowery | The Natural Leader

Nancy Lowery | The Natural Leader

The relationship between horse and handler is the metaphor, a mirror. The behaviors that show up, simply reflect what may happen when we are out of our comfort zone in the workplace. The interactions illustrate how trust and clear expectations are the foundation of effective leadership and team collaboration with a partner who will not miss a thing. Awareness is the first step to behavioral change – practice in the arena helps individuals see how a slight change in what we do can have a profound impact on another individual.

The Reins of Responsibility – October 3, 2019 Calgary AB

Leadership outside the boardroom. Explore the power of being: Resilient, Present & Confident

Through active hands-on activities with a horse experience leadership is about understanding the impact of:
• our role as a leader
• awareness of self
• listening is physical
• being truly present in relationship with others
• recognition & reward
• effective communication

What makes us effective as Leaders is how we respond in the moment.

The Natural Leader Experiential Leadership Learning

Give your team a clear advantage with The Natural Leader programs. Leadership theory such as Emotional IntelligenceThe Leadership Challenge or the ideas in Fierce Conversations is immediately put into practice with hands-on activities with horses. Our “Hold your Horses” process checks throughout the activities allow for personal observation and reflection so participants make the connections from the arena to the workplace.

Participants will leave with a better understanding that Leadership:
• is personal not physical power
• it’s not about title—it is about the relationships you develop
• is earned through demonstrating behavior & gaining trust.

The format of a session can be modified based on team expectations, assessments and individual input. Previous horse experience is not required.

Leadership and Team Programs are available in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta and through our network of providers around the globe.

Nancy explores Horsemanship & Leadership in her latest book – Leadership is NOT a Wardrobe Issue. Order your copy here >>

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Team Building: Move your team from talk to awareness to action

Exceptional Teams are built through effective communication, with clear boundaries and in a supportive environment. Those same qualities define an equine herd. That doesn’t say a herd is without challenge, but it is the cohesive nature of the herd that is integral to their survival.

The Natural Leader team building activities are based on an in-depth knowledge of how horses work. Understanding horses and how they think, interact and learn is our business. Helping you see the relevance of that connection through an activity with a horse, is what will help you build a team that truly can become exceptional.

Team Building Activities That Will:


Jumpstart the process of developing strategies to Create Exceptional Teams through hands-on interactive group learning with a partner who won’t miss a thing. The program will provide your team a whole different perspective on what it means to be a good leader or a great follower, with a view to becoming an exceptional team.

Exceptional teams are aware of the impact they have on others in support of the common end goal. Theoretical discussion becomes a series of tasks with a horse partner that the team must work through together. The hands-on activities with a horse bring to light the importance that relationship holds in the success factor of a team.

The topics covered will include:

  • Building Relationships through trust

  • Learning to listen – not simply to what is said, but how it is said

  • Knowing when and how to support each other

  • Communication as the foundation to creation

  • Building commitment through purpose

Emotional Intelligence; Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team; Susan Scott‘s – Fierce Conversations are a few of the well know works we build our programs on.

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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
— Victor Frankl